2017 Costs

EOTT #1 is April 9th!

As we mentioned on Facebook, we’re faced with increased costs from Deerfield Township and the Portage County Sheriff to support our event.  Previously, we had hired 1 officer at the turnaround and no traffic support on the route.  Also, Deerfield Township hall had not charged us for using their facility (we sort of flew under the radar somehow).  We’ve decided that we need 3 officers on the course, and we agreed to pay Deerfield a standard rental fee.  This increases the costs tremendously.

Therefore, we’ve raised the rates.  Costs are as follows:
Single Adult Rider – $35
2 Person Team/Tandem – $50
Stoker/Kid – $25
All 5 Events, Single – $150
All 5 Events, Team – $225